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  • The Greek Myths retold . . . ___________ No one loves and quarrels, desires and deceives as boldly or brilliantly as Greek gods and goddesses. In Stephen Fry's vivid retelling we gaze in wonder as wise Athena is born from the cracking open of the great head of Zeus and follow doomed Persephone into the dark and lonely realm of the Underworld. We shiver when Pandora opens her jar of evil torments and watch with joy as the legendary love affair between Eros and Psyche unfolds. Mythos captures these extraodinary myths for our modern age - in all their dazzling and deeply human relevance. ___________ 'Ebullient and funny' The Times 'Entertaining and edifying' Daily Telegraph 'A rollicking good read' Independent 'Fry exhibits enormous erudition and enthusiasm' Mail on Sunday ' Fry takes us from Zeus to Athena with humour. The Greek gods of the past become relatable as pop culture, modern literature and music are woven throughout. Joyfully informal yet full of the literary legacy' Guardian

  • Poète déchu, critique dramatique acariâtre, vieux libidineux aigri confit de misanthropie, ted wallace est un inébranlable rationaliste et un ennemi tonitruant des bonnes manières.
    Alors qu'il vient de se faire mettre à la porte du journal pour lequel il écrit, il se voit investi d'une mission secrète par sa très charmante filleule jane : soulever le mystère de swafford hall, demeure du richissime lord logan. david, le fils de la maison, détient-il réellement le pouvoir de guérir les gens ? armé de flair, d'esprit critique aiguisé et de whisky, ted wallace va arpenter le château à la recherche de la vérité.
    Un roman où humour et sarcasme bousculent l'intrigue.

  • Adrian Healey est un menteur compulsif et invétéré. Il est jeune, beau, très intelligent, extrêmement cynique, sans scrupule, spirituel et tricheur. Ses excentricités, son homosexualité tapageuse et ses provocations en font le héros scandaleux de son collège. Du moins, tant qu'il en fait encore partie... Des années plus tard, un de ses professeurs l'entraîne à son tour dans une aventure rocambolesque. Avec un humour décapant, des dialogues caustiques pleins d'esprit, Stephen Fry fustige l'hypocrisie et bouscule la bonne société anglaise.

  • Anglais Stars' Tennis Balls

    Stephen Fry

    • Arrow
    • 5 Août 2004

    But an unfortunate confrontation with a boy in his school results in a prank that goes badly wrong and suddenly he's incarcerated - without chance of release. Inspired by the Count of Monte Cristo, Fry's psychological thriller is written with the pace, wit and shrewd insight that we have come to expect from one of our finest novelists.

  • Anglais THE LIAR

    Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry's breathtakingly outrageous debut novel, by turns eccentric, shocking, brilliantly comic and achingly romantic.

  • Whether you want to write a Petrarchan sonnet for your lover's birthday, an epithalamion for your sister's wedding or a villanelle excoriating the government's housing policy, this book gives you the tools and the confidence to do so with enjoyable exercises, insights and simple step-by-step advice.

  • Anglais Making History

    Stephen Fry

    Michael Young is convinced his brilliant history thesis will win him a doctorate, a pleasant academic post, a venerable academic publisher and his beloved girlfriend Jane. A historian should know better than to imagine that he can predict the future.

  • Anglais The Hippopotamus

    Stephen Fry

    Ted Wallace is an old, sour, womanising, cantankerous, whisky-sodden beast of a failed poet and drama critic, but he has his faults too.

  • Né à Londres en 1957, Stephen Fry y a fait ses études à Cambridge. Comédien et réalisateur, il a été révélé au public par Peter's Friends de Kenneth Branagh. Mensonges, mensonges, son premier roman, fut un best-seller en Grande-Bretagne, tout comme le second, L'hippopotame, tous deux parus aux Editions J'ai lu.

  • Mythos Nouv.

  • General & literary fiction/Short stories/Classic fictionForeword by Stephen Fry, a massive fan of Wilde's work. as well as an introduction to each short story and what the stories mean to him.

  • Explores the highways and byways of the English language in four programmes, as heard on BBC Radio 4. This title includes: "The Trial of Qwerty"; "He Said, She Said"; "Accentuate the Negative"; and, "Future Conditional".

  • Thirteen years ago, Moab is my Washpot, Stephen Fry's autobiography of his early years, was published to rave reviews and was a huge bestseller. In those thirteen years since, Stephen Fry has moved into a completely new stratosphere, both as a public figure, and a private man. Now he is not just a multi-award-winning comedian and actor, but also an author, director and presenter. In January 2010, he was awarded the Special Recognition Award at the National Television Awards.

    Much loved by the public and his peers, Stephen Fry is one of the most influential cultural forces in the country. This dazzling memoir promises to be a courageously frank, honest and poignant read. It will detail some of the most turbulent and least well known years of his life with writing that will excite you, make you laugh uproariously, move you, inform you and, above all, surprise you.

  • A number one bestseller in Britain, Stephen Fry's astonishingly frank, funny, wise memoir is the book that his fans everywhere have been waiting for. Since his PBS television debut in the Blackadder series, the American profile of this multitalented writer, actor and comedian has grown steadily, especially in the wake of his title role in the film Wilde, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination, and his supporting role in A Civil Action.yes'>#160;yes'>#160;yes'>#160;yes'>#160;yes'>#160;yes'>#160;yes'>#160;yes'>#160;Fry has already given readers a taste of his tumultuous adolescence in his autobiographical first novel, The Liar, and now he reveals the equally tumultuous life that inspired it. Sent to boarding school at the age of seven, he survived beatings, misery, love affairs, carnal violation, expulsion, attempted suicide, criminal conviction and imprisonment to emerge, at the age of eighteen, ready to start over in a world in which he had always felt a stranger. One of very few Cambridge University graduates to have been imprisoned prior to his freshman year, Fry is a brilliantly idiosyncratic character who continues to attract controversy, empathy and real devotion.From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • L'ile du dr malo

    Stephen Fry

    • J'ai lu
    • 5 Février 2004

    L'île du Dr Mallo Roman « Lorsque Simon Cotter arriva en Angleterre dans un jet privé, à l'automne 1999, sa réputation d'aventurier de la finance l'avait déjà précédé. Que personne ne sût d'où était sorti Simon Cotter avant cette ascension ne faisait qu'ajouter au mystère. » Qui pourrait en effet reconnaître le jeune Ned Maddstone dans cet homme à l'attraction magnétique ? Vingt ans plus tôt, Ned est victime d'une machination diabolique qui le conduit sur l'île du Dr Mallo, dans un goulag politique. Lorsqu'il réussit à s'évader, il ne songe plus qu'à exercer sa vengeance.
    Le Net et sa toile infernale vont lui permettre de mystifier à son tour ceux qui l'ont détruit. devient une redoutable machine à tuer. Le comte de Monte-Cristo lui-même n'aurait pu imaginer plus subtile revanche.

  • Britain's best-loved comic genius Stephen Fry turns his celebrated wit and insight to unearthing the real America as he travels across the continent in his black taxicab. Stephen's account of his adventures is filled with his unique humour, insight and warmth in the fascinating book that orginally accompanied his journey for the BBC1 series.

  • Stephen Fry's secret wife speaks out at last...

    Enjoyed a nice cuppa this morning with a HobNob and Jeremy Kyle. There was a woman on there who'd been married 16 years without realising her husband was gay. Extraordinary! Which reminds me, it's our 16th anniversary in a few weeks. What a coincidence.

    Stephen Fry - actor, writer, raconteur and wit. Cerebral and sophisticated, a true Renaissance man.

    Or is he?

    Finally, his secret double life - the womanizing, the window-cleaning, the kebabs, the karaoke - is exclusively revealed by Edna, his devoted wife and mother of his five, six or possibly seven children. These diaries take us through a year in the life of an unwitting celebrity wife, and are rumoured to include:

    - scandalous nocturnal shenanigans - advice on childcare - 101 things to do with a tin of Spam.

  • Ted Wallace is an old, sour, womanising, cantankerous, whisky-sodden beast of a failed poet and drama critic, but he has his faults too. Fired from his newspaper, months behind on his alimony payments and disgusted with a world that undervalues him, Ted seeks a few months repose and free drink at Swafford Hall, the country mansion of his old friend Lord Logan. But strange things have been going on at Swafford. Miracles. Healings. Phenomena beyond the comprehension of a mud-caked hippopotamus like Ted.

    With this funny and deliciously readable novel, Stephen Fry takes his place as one of the most talented comic novelists of his generation.

  • Avant d'incarner le brillant Docteur House dans la célèbre série télévisée américaine du même nom, Hugh Laurie était encore plus connu en Angleterre pour ses sketchs comiques avec son comparse de toujours, Stephen Fry, écrivain et immense comédien dont la carrière embrasse aussi bien le théâtre que le cinéma, la télévision et la radio. De l990 à 1995, le public anglais est resté sous le charme de leur duo hilarant à la BBC, dans lequel ils interprétaient des textes écrits de leur propre main. Ce livre présente pour la première fois en France des sketchs tirés du recueil correspondant à leur première saison, parmi les plus drôles, les plus mordants, parfois absurdes, qui font penser aussi bien à Monty Python qu'à Harold Pinter, d'un humour extravagant, original, et so British.

  • Mondialement célèbres grâce à leurs rôles dans des séries populaires comme Dr House ou des films à succès comme Oscar Wilde, Hugh Laurie et Stephen Fry se sont d'abord fait connaître en Angleterre grâce à la comédie. Ce recueil réunit certains sketchs de la série A Bit of Frey and Laurie, un de leurs premiers et plus grands succès, diffusé de 1987 à 1995. Avec un humour loufoque et décalé, ils nous embarquent dans un périple aux limites de l'absurde à la rencontre de personnages inoubliables.

    Un humour so british à savourer sans modération, servi par deux génies comiques, parmi les plus brillants de leur génération.

  • The time has come ... The seventh book is here at last! The thrilling final instalment in the phenomenally popular Harry Potter series is magically brought to life for the listening audience by Stephen Fry.