Art And Paper

  • Dracula

    Bram Stoker

    • Roads publishing
    • 1 Janvier 2013
  • Macbeth

    William Shakespeare

    • Self made hero
    • 19 Juin 2008

    Samurai warriors have reclaimed a future post-nuclear world of mutants in the this manga version of Shakespeare's classic tale of skulduggery.

  • Anglais Trashed

    Derf Backderf

    • Abrams
    • 3 Novembre 2015

    Every week we pile our rubbish out on the pavement. We go to work and when we return it's gone. Like magic!
    The reality is anything but, of course. Trashed, Derf Backderf's follow-up to the critically acclaimed, award-winning national bestseller My Friend Dahmer, is a working man's epic. An ode to the crap job of all crap jobs-but anyone who has ever been trapped in a soul-sucking gig can relate to this tale. Trashed takes place after Derf graduates high school, when he and his childhood pals find themselves working as garbagemen in their Midwestern hometown. Together they clean the streets of pile after pile of stinking garbage, overcoming the unique difficulties of each season and battling small-town bureaucrats and nuisances, all while trying to decide what they want to do with their lives.
    Interspersed are non-fiction pages that detail the history of trash, the staggering volume of garbage that is produced every day, the nuts and bolts of how our trash is disposed of beyond curbside recycling and what happens to it once it's removed from our houses, our streets and our office buildings.
    Inspired by Derf's own experiences, Trashed (like My Friend Dahmer) is a hilarious, stomach-churning, in-depth examination of this vast, unknown world, taking readers to a place they have never been before, in a way that only Derf, and comics, can.

  • Nick Cave ; mercy on me

    Reinhard Kleist

    • Self made hero

    Musician, novelist, poet, actor: Nick Cave is a Renaissance man. His wide-ranging artistic output is defined by an extraordinary gift for storytelling. Reinhard Kleist employs a cast of characters drawn from Caves music and writing to tell the story of a formidable artist and influencer.

  • Anglais Alice s adventures in wonderland

    Lewis Carroll

    • Roads publishing
    • 15 Août 2016
  • Georgia O'Keeffe, photographer


    • Yale uk
    • 31 Décembre 2021

    A groundbreaking introduction to the photographic work of an iconic modern artist.

    The pathbreaking artist Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) is revered for her iconic paintings of flowers, skyscrapers, animal skulls, and Southwestern landscapes. Her photographic work, however, has not been explored in depth until now. After the death of her husband, the photographer Alfred Stieglitz, in 1946, photography indeed became an important part of O'Keeffe's artistic production. She trained alongside the photographer Todd Webb, revisiting subjects that she had painted years before-landforms of the Southwest, the black door in her courtyard, the road outside her window, and flowers. O'Keeffe's carefully composed photographs are not studies of detail or decisive moments; rather, they focus on the arrangement of forms.

    This is the first major investigation of O'Keeffe's photography and traces the artist's thirty-year exploration of the medium, including a complete catalogue of her photographic work. Essays by leading scholars address O'Keeffe's photographic approach and style and situate photography within the artist's overall practice. This richly illustrated volume significantly broadens our understanding of one of the most innovative artists of the twentieth century.

  • Wuthering Heights

    Emily Bronte

    • Roads publishing
    • 5 Septembre 2013

    Lets you witness the passionate and ill-fated love of Catherine and Heathcliff.

  • Passenger

    Martin Bogren

    • La main donne
    • 22 Juillet 2021
  • Little Book of Yves Saint Laurent est l'histoire de poche et superbement illustrée de 60 ans de création de mode innovante. Créateur énigmatique, audacieux et étonnamment créatif, Yves Saint Laurent est crédité de l'élévation de la haute couture aux beaux-arts, transformant le défilé de mode en un spectacle aux proportions époustouflantes et révolutionnant les normes genrées de la mode féminine. Décrivant les débuts de Saint Laurent en Algérie comme un garçon précoce fabriquant des vêtements miniatures à partir de chutes de tissu, le Petit livre d'Yves Saint Laurent décrit l'ascension du créateur d'étudiant en mode à la main droite de Christian Dior. Fondant sa propre maison de couture en 1961, Saint Laurent crée son célèbre tailleur-pantalon "le smoking", fait entrer la veste en cuir dans le grand public et étonne le monde de la mode avec son mélange d'élégance et de drame artistique. Le petit livre d'Yves Saint Laurent documente le talent d'un créateur visionnaire dans un cadeau parfait pour tout amateur de mode. Ayant étudié la mode au Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design et l'histoire de l'art à l'Université de Bristol, Emma Baxter-Wright a enseigné au London College of Fashion. Elle a contribué à de nombreuses publications, telles que The Face, Cosmopolitan et Marie Claire.

  • Anglais The Jungle Book

    Rudyard Kipling

    • Roads publishing
    • 15 Mai 2016
  • Anglais The Secret Garden

    Frances Hodgson Burnett

    • Roads publishing
    • 15 Mai 2016
  • 'Haute couture is like an orchestra, whose conductor is Balenciaga. We other couturiers are the musicians and we follow the direction he gives' - Christian Dior The godfather of conceptual design, a master of shape, a true fashion game changer - all are accolades bestowed upon one of the most interesting, venerated and iconic couturiers of the twentieth century: Cristobal Balenciaga. His pureness of line, the comfort of his garments and innovative work with textiles, colour and volume made a huge impact on twentieth-century fashion, with creations such as the babydoll, balloon and sack dresses still influencing fashion today.

    Through stunning images and captivating text, Little Book of Balenciaga depicts the work and life of Balenciaga the couturier. Fashion historian Emmanuelle Dirix examines his legacy both through tracing the Maison's artistic direction after his death, and the generations of designers influenced by the master himself.

  • Les crimes passionnels n'existent pas

    , ,

    • D'une rive a l'autre
    • 27 Janvier 2021

    Le travail photographique, «I would like you to see me» réalisé par Arianna Sanesi, en 2015, sur le féminicide en Italie, alors que ce terme était pratiquement inconnu et que le phénomène était largement ignoré par les médias, est le point de départ de ce livre et de la rencontre entre les photographies d'Arianna et le texte des historien.nes Lydie Bodiou et Frédéric Chauvaud. Leur dialogue crée un éclairage indispensable pour qui veut comprendre comment les mots et les images proposent de nouvelles perspectives sur l'un des problèmes les plus importants de notre temps: le féminicide et les violences domestiques.

  • Eikoh Hosoe

    Yasufumi Nakamori

    • Mack books
    • 1 Septembre 2021
  • America americas

    Alain Keler

    • Editions de juillet
    • 24 Novembre 2021
  • To have a colour named after you is one of the highest accolades in fashion. Valentino Garavani is one such icon.

    Since the founding of the House of Valentino in 1950s Rome, Garavani has been celebrated for the desirability of his designs. His stunning gowns in his signature Valentino Red have been sought after by the jet set for over half a century, and still signify the very epitome of red carpet glamour.

    Little Book of Valentino tells the story of this most elegant of brands. Beginning with Garavani's initiation into the world of haute couture in 1950s Paris, progressing through the glittering social scene of 1970s New York and Valentino's domination of Hollywood from the 1980s to the present day, images of every dazzling era are beautifully reproduced alongside text exploring the significance of each stunning piece.

  • Anglais Harper's bazaar


    • Abrams
    • 15 Septembre 2011

    Presents a tribute to the long-running fashion magazine's achievements as an influential cultural icon, collecting more than three hundred definitive photographs that reflect leading fashions from the past decade and feature the contributions of photographers, celebrities, and models.

  • The Great Gatsby

    F. Scott. Fitzgerald

    • Roads publishing
    • 5 Septembre 2013

    On the surface, mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby has everything, but he maintains a distance from those in his orbit, the guests at his constant decadent parties who indulge in all that sensuous 'Roaring Twenties' New York has to offer. Everything glitters, but beneath the glamour there is lost love, there is moral failure. Then, tragedy.

  • Found, not lost

    Elliott Erwitt

    • Gost books
    • 1 Mars 2021

    This book has been an opportunity for Erwitt to revisit the photographs he made in his early career and to uncover meaning upon second glance which was not apparent when the image was originally taken. The master of visual one-liners-bold statement images replete with humour, irony and acknowledged absurdity-the photographs selected for this book are quieter, more subtle and suggest Erwitt's increasing confidence in his own eye. By selecting these photographs he has begun to both examine and challenge how his younger self saw the world.