Policier & Thriller

  • Anglais American psycho

    Bret Easton Ellis

    Patrick Bateman is twenty-six and works on Wall Street; he is handsome, sophisticated, charming and intelligent. He is also a psychopath. Taking us to a head-on collision with America's greatest dream - and its worst nightmare - this work is a black comedy about a world we all recognize but do not wish to confront.

  • Anglais Perfidia

    James Ellroy

    December 1941. America stands at the brink of World War II. Las hopes for peace are shattered when Japanese squadrons bomb Pearl Harbor. Los Angeles has been a haven for loyal Japanese-Americans - but now, war fever and race hate grip the city and the Japanese internment begins.
    The hellish murder of a Japanese family summons three men and oe woman. William H. Parker is a captain on the Los Angeles Police Department. He's superbly gofted, corrosively ambitious, liquored-up, and consumed by dubious ideology. He is bitterly at offs with Sergeant Dudley Smith -- Irish émigré, ex-IRA killer, fledgling war profiteer. Hideo Ashida is a police chemist and the only Japanese on the L.A. cop payroll. Kay Lake is a twenty-one-year-old dilettante looking for adventure. The investigation throws them together and rips them apart. The crime becomes a political storm center that brilliantly illuminates these four driven souls - comrades, rivals, lovers, histort's pawns.

  • Offers a story of the dark secrets behind Kennedy's election and assassination, the Bay of Pigs, and the roles of the underworld, the CIA, Howard Hughes, Hoover, and three renegade law-enforcement officers.

  • Anglais The big sleep

    Raymond Chandler

    Philip Marlowe, a private eye who operates in Los Angeles's seamy underside during the 1930s, takes on his first case, which involves a paralyzed California millionaire, two psychotic daughters, blackmail, and murder

  • Anglais Destination morgue

    James Ellroy

    James Ellroy is acknowledged as one of America's greatest writers. As well as his novels, he is a regular contributor to "GQ" magazine in the States. This collection contains sixteen of these pieces, both autobiographical and crime reportage as well as a novella: "Hollywood Fuck Pad."

  • @00000327@#1 @00000373@NEW YORK TIMES @00000155@BESTSELLER @00000133@@00000041@bull; @00000327@Family secrets come back to haunt Jack Reacher in this electrifying thriller from @00000041@ldquo;a superb craftsman of suspense@00000041@rdquo; (@00000373@Entertainment Weekly@00000155@).@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@ Jack Reacher hits the pavement and sticks out his thumb. He plans to follow the sun on an epic trip across America, from Maine to California. He doesn@00000065@t get far. On a country road deep in the New England woods, he sees a sign to a place he has never been: the town where his father was born. He thinks, @00000373@What@00000065@s one extra day?@00000155@ He takes the detour.@00000341@@00000341@ At the same moment, in the same isolated area, a car breaks down. Two young Canadians had been on their way to New York City to sell a treasure. Now they@00000065@re stranded at a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere. The owners seem almost too friendly. It@00000065@s a strange place, but it@00000065@s all there is.@00000341@@00000341@ The next morning, in the city clerk@00000065@s office, Reacher asks about the old family home. He@00000065@s told no one named Reacher ever lived in town. He@00000065@s always known his father left and never returned, but now Reacher wonders, @00000373@Was he ever there in the first place?@00000341@@00000155@@00000341@ @00000373@ @00000155@As Reacher explores his father@00000065@s life, and as the Canadians face lethal dangers, strands of different stories begin to merge. Then Reacher makes a shocking discovery: The present can be tough, but the past can be tense . . . and deadly.@00000341@@00000341@ @00000327@Don@00000065@t miss a sneak peek of Lee Child@00000065@s novel @00000373@Blue Moon@00000155@ in the back of the book.@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@@00000327@Praise for @00000373@Past Tense@00000341@@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;Child is one writer who should never be taken for granted.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@The New York Times Book Review@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;[Lee Child]@00000373@ @00000155@shows no signs of slowing down. . . . Reacher is a man for whom the phrase @00000373@moral compass @00000155@was invented: His code determines his direction. . . . You need Jack Reacher.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@The Atlantic@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;Superb . . . Child neatly interweaves multiple narratives, ratchets up the suspense (the reveal of the motel plot is delicious), and delivers a powerful, satisfying denouement. Fans will enjoy learning more of this enduring character@00000065@s roots, and Child@00000065@s spare prose continues to set a very high bar.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Publishers Weekly@00000155@ (boxed and starred review)@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;Another first-class entry in a series that continues to set the gold standard for aspiring thriller authors.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Booklist @00000155@(starred review)@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;With his usual flair for succinctness and eye for detail, Child creates another rollicking Reacher road trip that will please fans and newcomers alike.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Library Journal@00000155@ (starred review)@00000133@

  • Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared from a family gathering on the island owned and inhabited by the powerful Vanger clan. Her body was never found, yet her uncle is convinced it was murder - and that the killer is a member of his own tightly knit but dysfunctional family

  • Part blistering espionage thriller, part riveting police procedural, and part piercing exposé on social injustice, this second book in the Millennium series is a masterful, endlessly satisfying novel. Mikael Blomkvist, crusading publisher of the magazine Millennium , has decided to run a story that will expose an extensive sex trafficking operation. On the eve of its publication, the two reporters responsible for the article are murdered, and the fingerprints found on the murder weapon belong to his friend, the troubled genius hacker Lisbeth Salander. Blomkvist, convinced of Salanders innocence, plunges into an investigation. Meanwhile, Salander herself is drawn into a murderous game of cat and mouse, which forces her to face her dark past.

  • Blood's a rover

    James Ellroy

    The internationally acclaimed author of the L.A. Quartet and The Underworld USA Trilogy, James Ellroy, presents another literary noir masterpiece of historical paranoia . A rip-roaring, devilishly wild ride through the bloody end of the 1960's. It's dark baby, and hot hot hot. Martin Luther King assassinated. Robert Kennedy assassinated. Los Angeles, 1968. Conspiracies theories are taking hold. On the horizon looms the Democratic Convention in Chicago and constant gun fire peppers south L.A. Violence, greed, and grime, are replacing free-love and everybody from Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover to the right-wing assassins and left-wing revolutionaries are getting dirty. At the center of it all is a triumvirate: the presidents strong-arm goon, an ex-cop and heroine runner, and a private eye whose quarry is so dangerous she could set off the whole powder keg. With his trademark deadly staccato prose, James Ellroy holds nothing back in this wild, startling and much anticipated conclusion to his Underworld USA trilogy.

  • 'Ghosts, murder, a terrifying psychotic who seems normal, and beautiful writing. Loved it' Stephen King 'Can make you gasp in astonishment or break your heart with a single line' Wall St Journal 'Superb. Think a more literary, and feminist, Gone Girl ' Vogue This begins the morning Catherine Clare died. The day her daughter spent in the house with her. The evening her husband came home to find her. This becomes the tale of their marriage, and the ones around them. A tale of bonds between families, between lives living and lost and of the lonely ones that share no bonds at all. Who should be pitied. Who must be feared.


    J.P. Delaney

    In this twisty psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Before, an actress plays both sides of a murder investigation. [A] rich, nuanced, highly literary take on the Gone Girl theme.-- Booklist (starred review) Claire Wright is desperate. A British drama student in New York without a green card, she takes the only job she can get: working for a firm of divorce lawyers, posing as an easy pickup in hotel bars to entrap straying husbands. But then the game changes. When one of her targets becomes the suspect in a murder investigation, the police ask Claire to use her acting chops to lure him into a confession. From the start, she questions the part shes being asked to play: Is Patrick Fogler a killer? Or is there more to this setup than shes being told? Claire will soon realize she is playing the deadliest role of her life. Praise for Believe Me For readers who enjoyed the paranoia factor in A. J. Finns The Woman in the Window or the unreliable narrator of Paula Hawkinss The Girl on the Train . -- Library Journal Produces a bobsled runs worth of twists. -- Publishers Weekly An intense, stylish psychological thriller. -- Good Housekeeping A dark and haunting thriller . . . A superb evocation of conflicted emotions, this never lets you guess whats coming next. -- Daily Mail I so enjoyed it--what a twisty, exciting read. --Sabine Durrant, author of Lie With Me

  • A hit-and-run accident that claims the life of ten-year-old Josh Learner leads to a chilling confrontation between the driver responsible for the death and Ethan Learner, Josh's father, who embarks on a deadly pursuit of the unknown man who had killed his son. Reissue. (A Random House Films/Focus Features movie, directed by Terry George, releasing Fall 2007, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Connolly, & Mira Sorvino) (General Fiction)

  • An essay on detective fiction accompanies eight stories about a politician's murder, a hotel detective, missing pearls, and gangsters

  • Inspector Wexford is called in when the body of a young woman, strangled with her own silk scarf, turns up in the Montfort family vault in a London cemetery

  • When a body is discovered near a construction site in upstate New York, attorney Philomena "Manny" Manfreda and medical examiner Jake Rosen join forces in an investigation that takes them to the highest levels of American government.

  • Anglais Twisted City

    Jason Starr

    From the acclaimed noir novelist Jason Starr comes this savage portrait of a misanthropic man stuck in a New York nightmare. Written in caustic, streamlined prose, Twisted City is a chilling depiction of how quickly one's life can take a turn for the worst.Times are tough for David Miller, a journalist for a secondrate financial magazine who hates his boss, is tired of supporting his girlfriend's partying lifestyle, and recently lost his sister to cancer. But things are about to get much worse. When he loses his wallet in a midtown bar, he is launched into a world where he finds himself being blackmailed by junkies, lying to his friends and family, and stumbling into a crime that may cost him his life.From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Anglais We all fall down

    Michael Harvey

    When Chicago is targeted by a brutal biological attack that threatens millions of lives, Michael Kelly begins a desperate search through the tangled underworld of the city's West Side gangs, where he confronts the covert practices of dark science in one of the nation's premiere laboratories. By the Emmy Award-winning author of The Chicago Way . Reprint.

  • Jackie Cogan, mob enforcer, is called in to handle the problem when a high-stakes card game is heisted by hoodlums.

  • An Edgar Award-winning editor collects 60 of his all-time favorite holiday crime stories, including tales by O. Henry, G.K. Chesterton, Thomas Hardy, Ed McBain, Mary Higgins Clark, Isaac Asimov, Ngaio Marsh, Peter Lovesey, Max Allan Collins, Stanley Ellin, John D. Macdonald, Damon Runyon, Donald E. Westlake and John D. Mortimer. Original.

  • Anglais Harm Done

    Ruth Rendell

    A young girl disappears, then another.

    A notorious paedophile is released back into the community. The residents of the Muriel Campden Estate are up in arms, and even prepared to take the law into their own hands . . .

    Chief Inspector Wexford is not only concerned very personally with the effects of violence and prejudice, but is involved with a new programme to help victims of domestic violence. And his daughter, Sylvia, has come to work nearby in a refuge for battered women. Her marriage is also in difficulties, although her husband has never raised a hand to her. They are merely incompatible.

    Other women in Kingsmarkham are not so lucky, and, after those early disappearances, two far more serious crimes are committed which will affect the lives and attitudes of police and public alike.

  • Anglais The Ruins

    Scott Smith

    In CancGun, Mexico, for a peaceful vacation, a group of tourists sets off in search of one of their group who disappeared during an excursion to some nearby Mayan ruins, only to come face to face with an insidious evil that threatens their lives.

  • Anglais The Wake Up

    Robert Ferrigno

    Things veer dramatically out of control for Frank Thorpe, recently fired from an unofficial special operations "shop" because of a fatal screw-up, when he decides to teach Douglas Meachum, an arrogant art dealer, a lesson in humility, but his scheme goes awry when he runs up against Meachum's ruthless, drug-running, psychopathic client. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.

  • Anglais The Fifth Woman

    Henning Mankell

    Inspector Kurt Wallander searches for a killer as he uncovers the link between the murders of four nuns and an unidentified woman in an Algerian convent and the death of a birdwatcher found skewered in a pit of sharpened bamboo poles.